Walk The Flaggy Shore For Home Share

Walk The Flaggy Shore For Home Share

Our fundraising walk was a resounding success. The weather was kind to us. Special thanks to our caterers who provided much needed sustenance at the round tower.

We have over thirty people placed with home sharing families and a waiting list of people wanting to avail of the services so the money raised is going directly into making this much appreciated service more widely available. Thanks again to all those who took part.  Poster!

You can also be our friend on Facebook or e mail us at homeshareclare@gmail.com

The following poem was and orated especially for the occasion-

The Shoreline Walk

When I imagine you walking along the Flaggy Shore

Rising with every step a money tree

Towards the discovery of new worlds

I see new possibilities budding in hedgerows

I see the smiles of welcome

At a neighbour’s gate

I notice the relief of the children

Waiting to come home

I see waves genuflecting in the ocean

The borders of these unconscious acts of kindness dissolve

We are a communion of saints and sinners

Sharing the crumbs of our comfortable lives

With a dash of the sparkling wine of gratitude

I sense the freshness of your thoughts

Your unambiguous welcome

Softening my furrowed brow

Begetting wonder

I must notice the scudding swans drifting by

And the billowing clouds embodying simile and metaphor

But all I truly see is this straggling

Snake of humanity effervescent at the water’s edge

Drawing milk from the wishing well

Sending us home pleased to be alive