Ennis Day Services

Brothers of Charity Services Clare work in partnership with the HSE to provide high quality day services to adults with intellectual disabilities. The people who avail of these services have a diverse set of interests, aspirations and personal circumstances and do not wish to follow classroom or centre based training. They are also people with a wide range of abilities and ages.

The delivery of day services in Ennis varies greatly. We provide bases that allow for people to optimise their access to their local communities. A lot of consideration goes into choosing the correct base for each individual. We consult the individual, their families and those that know them best in order to find the best match.

Throughout Ennis, Day Services are provided to over 100 individuals across 20 bases.

The aim of each Day Service is to offer a varied and stimulating day programme for all adults who attend. We promote a positive environment where each individual feels secure and engaged in a modern, person-centred Day Service. Activities are planned on an individual basis, with the emphasis on new challenges and opportunities. Setting and reaching personal goals is very much at the centre of the day service experience for each individual.

The approach we follow has been set out by ‘New Directions’, the Review of HSE Day Services and Implementation Plan.

Key principles of our Day Services

To provide person-centred services and supports that are:

  1. Tailored to individual need

(Based on an Individual Plan that captures what the individual needs and wants; services can change if the person’s needs change).

  1. Promote community inclusion and active citizenship

(Opportunities to meet new people and make friends in their own communities; supports to train for, get and keep a job; practice skills and communicate with different people; find meaningful roles in the community)

  1. Promote independence and a good quality of life for people using them

(Find out about sports, arts or cultural activities like drama, crafts, music, books etc; practice essential independent living skills; skills for staying healthy; find a voice/advocate)

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