Community Living & Day Support Services

What do we do?

Our aim is to provide support directly to each person to enable their needs to be met and to assist people to realise their goals and dreams.

How do we do this?

  1. We meet with the person, their family and other important people in their life to discover what are the good things they want in their life.
  2. We work in partnership with the family, community and other agencies to enable a life full of the things they want and of their choosing.
  3. We continuously explore with the person where they are at, and what we need to do for them to realise new goals and aspirations as their life changes and evolves.

People are supported “One Person at a Time” to have valued and inclusive lifestyles with meaningful relationships in their local communities.  We begin with getting to know each person and their family really well and listening to their personal needs and desires.  Each job, home and personal lifestyle is developed with the focus on the individual and we are committed to providing a quality service.

Here are seven of the most common themes that arise with the individuals and families we support:

  1. The importance of having a real home
  2. Having the same rights of access and progression in education and training
  3. Having opportunities to socialise and participate in areas of interest, meet new people and make friends in the community
  4. Awareness of healthcare needs and supported respectfully to access services as appropriate
  5. Support to find paid employment/real jobs and opportunities
  6. Having direct support available to help with daily living
  7. Valuing the person and respecting their role within the family and supporting relationships and friendships.