Values and Principles

The Brothers of Charity Clare are a person centred organisation that recognises each person as unique.

Our vision is to support each individual to achieve a full and valued life in their community. We are fully committed in our actions to work toward this vision.  We are guided by the following values and principles.


  • Right relationship is the foundation on which we build our services.
  • All relationships are important, recognised and encouraged.
  • We believe in open, honest and clear communication.
  • We promote partnerships between individuals with disabilities, families, local community groups, HSE and other agencies.
  • We empower and nurture families in a way that assists the person to live a full and valued life.
  • We make it a priority that people have a healthy balance of supports in their lives.
  • We are committed to long term relationships.
  • Our primary relationship is with the person we support.
  • We support individuals to build relationships.


  • We are all individual and unique.
  • Each person’s life story is valued and celebrated.
  • We support individuals to choose and determine their own lives.
  • The leadership potential of every person is respected and developed.
  • We recognise each individuals limitless potential.
  • We are all individual and unique.
  • We support individuals to have choice
  • We recognise each individuals limitless potential
  • Leadership potential is respected and developed.


  • We are all equal citizens with rights and responsibilities.
  • We support individuals to live real lives in real places.
  • We support people and families manage their own lives.
  • Real lives in real places.

Best Practice

  • We believe and are committed to responsible stewardship over the organisation’s resources.
  • We recruit staff based on a person’s needs, choices and preferences.
  • All the organisation’s systems, structures and policies support the Vision.
  • We actively support people through their own development and create awareness of disability issues.
  • In pursuit of a high quality service we evaluate and embrace new and innovative practices locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We encourage creative thinking.
  • We support people have a voice and be heard.