Miltown Malbay

What we do
We support people to live full and valued lives at home and in their community. Our services are passionate about ensuring people experience respect and inclusion in their day-to-day lives.

What we will support you with?
• Maximising your independence
• Inclusion in one’s local community
• Health and wellbeing
• Personal and social development
• Personal expression and creativity 
• Support in establishing your home
• Accessing education, training and work 
• Making choices, plans, transitions and progression
• Developing meaningful valued social roles

Why use the Brothers of Charity Service in Miltown Malbay?
If you choose to use our services, your support will be built around you, addressing your needs and wants. We are strongly committed to working with you, and everyone who supports you, to help you achieve and experience the life you want. We do this through developing and maintaining respectful relationships and being flexible and creative in how we work.
In all services the focus is centred on the person and their unique abilities, needs, interests and aspirations. Involving the person fully in everything that affects or concerns them is a key objective of how we work.
This individualised approach to supporting a person with a disability ensures that the person is respected, listened to and their individual needs are met in the best possible and most natural way i.e. individually within their own community.
“Simply thinking we are being person-centred does not make us person-centred.  The challenge is to move beyond the opportunity to engage in the development of our own person centred plan … to making sure the plan is properly implemented” (New Directions 2012)

Who is Eligible?
Adults with an Intellectual disability, who are referred to us, admitted to the services and funded by the HSE.

What area do we cover?
Miltown Malbay and surrounding areas.

Co-ordinator: Megan Mc Grath
Phone: 085-1138962