North Clare

North Clare Services

In 1999 the North Clare services were established as a new development within the BOC to support people to move back to their families and local community, and to provide a service for those living in the North Clare region.

Our Mission is to make profound and positive differences in people’s lives through a Personal Outcome Planning approach. This enables you to address life challenges and achieve personal goals so that you can Live, Learn, Work and Play in your Community.

What we do?
North Clare endeavours to provide an effective service and support to people in a person-centred way, focusing on the diverse needs, talents and aspirations of each individual.

What we can support you with?
• Having ordinary life experiences in order to make choices and developing a vision for your future.
• Promote self-sufficiency and independence.
• Recognising your natural talents and passions in life.
• Participating in Community life.
• Developing Social Valued Roles.
• Being active citizens while making a contribution to society.
• Promoting wellness, physical fitness and self-expression.
• Connecting with family and friends to share experiences and challenges, to support you and to have fun.
• Exploring living options to enable you to have a real home of your choosing.
• Accessing education, training and work.

Who is Eligible?
Adults with an intellectual disability, who are referred and admitted to the services and funded by the HSE.

What area do we cover?
Ennistymon and surrounding North Clare areas.

Co-Ordinator: Louise Skerritt
Phone: 087-9529900