Clare Researcher in first International Conference Plennary Presentation

 Clare Researcher in first International Conference Plennary Presentation

Ger Minogue in Tel Aviv

Beit Issie Shapiro, the leading Israeli disability service providers celebrated their 30 year anniversary with an International Conference entitled “Learning From the Past, Shaping the Future in Tel Aviv in July with 1000 participants from 11 countries including professionals, policy makers, academics and people with disabilities and their families.

Research Director Dr Dana Roth spoke of her delight at having Clare Researcher  Ger Minogue representing Ireland and presenting at the conference, “His key note address was a high light and most significant contribution.

Having a person with learning disability present to doctors, lawyers, academicians, policy makers, teachers, supervisors and therapists is a landmark of attitude change towards people with learning disabilities.

This will cause a shift in many of the professionals and others experience, in their understanding of abilities and the potential contribution that people like Ger can make and influence the quality of life of people with Learning disabilities.

I met Ger in Cape Town, South Africa in 1998, and spoke to him after his presentation at the conference there. I said I hoped one day we will meet again in Israel. Ger’s contribution to the conference was extraordinary and will have a long term impact in Israel and to people from other countries exposed to his presentation”