‘All We Want to Say!’ Research Film and Drama

‘All We Want to Say!’ Research Film and Drama

Love Work and a Happy Home sounds like a recipe for a good life for anyone so it’s no surprise these are priorities for people with a learning disability in a new All Ireland Research project created by researchers with a disability through Trinity College. How they get their message across is different from the run of the mill research paper, gathering dust on a university shelf.

Work from these researchers jumps off the stage at you and challenges everything you took for granted about unfortunate people in need of a handout. These are people on a mission with a sense of purpose. And just when you thought you were going to hear a list of complaints about cut backs, this group of people come along and say “We need support to take control of our own lives!”

Happy resilient independent minded individuals aren’t a problem to their families and a burden on the state. Infact they can be major contributors to the community’s self esteem. True inclusion makes everyone feel better about themselves.

Here are a group of dynamic arresting researchers coming together in a joint presentation asking you to come and enjoy the fruits of their labours. Service providers, supporters, public representatives, family members, friends and the simply curious are all welcome!

Clare Inclusive Action Research Group and fellow researchers, Galway Research Into Action are jointly presenting this Research entitled¬† “All We Want To Say” in association with the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies and N.I.I.D. (The National Institute of Intellectual Disabilities), a faculty of Trinity College.

These two groups contributed to the national survey, gathering information and prioritising issues from the opinions expressed by a voluntary group of respondents drawn from the length and breadth of Ireland.  Here they feature select excerpts from the DVD of the research data, calling for choice and control in Relationships, Home Life, Money and Work.

The presentation starts with a comic drama “Home Alone?” Siobhan (Kathleen Ryan) loves the new found independence of her own home but her family, her service manager and a potential boyfriend have their own ideas.

The short comic play highlights the main research findings and is followed by the DVD Documentary; the official project summary. The sessions will end with a group discussion and a plan for action.

Venues, Dates and Times:

Radisson Hotel, Galway Tuesday, June 29th 2010, 2.30 – 4.00 p.m.

West County Hotel, Ennis Co. Clare, Thursday July 1st 2010 2.30 – 4.00 p.m.